Olives and tradition go arm in arm with nature.

The farm is located in an unspoilt position in the Alto Garda region, between the mountains and the Valle dei Laghi. The idyllic four-acre terraced land hosts 800 olive trees, 50 of which are over 100 years old with one magnificent example over 500 years old.

Thanks to the mild climate and the gentle winds called Peler e Ora, these olive trees are Europe’s most northern which gives their fruit a unique character. Cultivation is organically practised, it respects nature’s cycles and intensively uses the soil without fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

Our firm is family-run and firmly based on tradition and love for the earth. The result gained from this type of cultivation is high-quality, organically produced, olive oil.


Extra virgin, organic 100% Italian olive oil of incomparable quality, freshness, taste and colour.

Olea is a product derived from healthy mature olives of the Casaliva variety. They are selected and picked by hand in order to obtain a high quality olive oil with low acidity. The olives are cold pressed within 24 hours of the harvest. In this way the essential properties of the olive oil, its flavour and scent are preserved.

Olea has an unusual green colour with golden reflections in it and its flavour is harmonious and balanced, characterised by a fruity taste with a hint of almond which denotes its origin and authenticity.

This olive oil is extremely versatile, appropriate for seasoning salads, soups and vegetables. It is perfect for any dish, with grilled meat or fish, or simply on a good hunk of bread. It is highly recommended as a beneficial part of a healthy diet.