A family run olive grove, campsite, tradition, and innovation.

Le Marocche Campsite was created with passion and dedication in 2019. Just a few steps from the olive grove and the shores of Lake Cavedine in unspoilt countryside, our agri-campsite is situated in a tranquil oasis immersed in the beauty of outdoor life.

Thanks to our deep love of the area and nature we decided to cultivate a unique link between people and their surroundings, creating a place where authentic local beauty can be shared with the outside world by making tourism a reality.


A surreal fabled landscape

The campsite’s name derives from the word “Maroc” in local Trentino dialect which means “rock”, a homage to the Dro Marocche biotope, which surrounds us.

It is a case of the largest accumulation of rocky landslides in the Alpine area, made up of calcareous and gravelly pieces of rock with unusual flora and fauna. This distinctive and unique expanse of post-glacial rocks were left behind after the retreat of the glaciers.

Local legend relates that, once upon a time in this magical place, there was the city of Kas whose inhabitants were known for their immortality. It is said that the Lord, tired of their dissolute behaviour, made the surrounding mountains crumble, burying the city under a huge landslide.

By following the safe visitor path through enormous boulders and lunar-like landscapes, it is possible to see the fossil footprints of dinosaurs who walked here 190 million years ago.


Le Marocche Campsite is situated in the Cavedine Valley (in località Trebi). You can reach us by car from the north, taking the Trento Nord exit from the motorway in the direction of Lake Garda via the Valle dei Laghi. From the south instead, take the Rovereto Sud exit from the motorway and follow the signs first for Riva del Garda and then towards Trento (20km). Look for the sign which goes up to the town of Drena and follow the signs for Lake Cavedine.